Love Speaks


The Orange County History Center presents the Love Speaks Exhibit - Artistic Responses to the Pulse Nightclub Tragedy.  The exhibit will include original works created in response to the tragedy at Pulse nightclub, including those created for the Paint Strong initiative.


Admission to the History Center will be free from June 8 – 16 to allow the entire community to experience the exhibition.


I was honored to contribute toward the collection with a watercolor landscape of the Orlando skyline titled "Ascendance"


"Ascendance" - Watercolor Painting of Orlando Skyline painted in rainbow hues.  There are 49 silhouettes of birds ascending within the landscape and on the framed mat.

upcoming project - THIS IS MY WOMB


The photos are an inspiration for my new project, "This is MY Womb" - an installation piece that allows participants to revisit the womb.




In July of 2018, DOE (US Dept of Energy) asked photographers to submit photos that demonstrated the power of water.  Their goal was to promote the importance and impact of water power technology. As a result, they assembled an impressive library of photos that spoke to the cause.  Several of my shots of Niagara Falls - a powerhouse of water energy - are showcased in the album, which can be seen here:  Overall Hydropower

Tableau Vivant (Living Picture)

As part of Downtown Orlando's annual Creative City Project, our creative team staged tableau vivants of the paintings Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss" and Francisco Goya's "The Spell."  


Thousand's of visitors witnessed the coming together of backdrop, lighting, costume, props and makeup, as the actors were transformed in downtown Orlando.


Creative Team

Backdrop and Props: Deborah Knispel, Lydia Knowles, Erika Dykes, Monica Donaldson

Actors: The Kiss:  Steve Williams and Lydia Knowles

   The Spell: Yadira Cruz, Lauren Rahill, Erika Dykes, Lydia Knowles, Naomi Knowles, Andrew Knowles


Tableau Vivant is a spectacular art form that incorporates both performance and visual art.  To see it at its best, visit the Laguna Beach Pageant of the Masters.  Examples below.  This year's event takes place July 7 - August 31, 2019. 


Playing with Light - Photographic Collection

Check back for new images as this collection grows

Into the Woods - Solo Exhibit

A Tree Comes to Life

A key element in my exhibits is the immersive experience.  To recreate a forest ambiance for the "Into the Woods" exhibit, a live oak tree was constructed and molded from paper mache clay.  The finished tree was 3 feet in diameter and stood 10 feet tall. Branches were made from pvc pipe and molded with paper mache.  The structure was made in several pieces and assembled within the gallery space. 

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