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Some of the musings that stir my soul...


Teaching Art to Students with

Special Needs

No one ever said it would be easy, but wow, is it rewarding!  

My longing was to be an

Art Therapist. 

Instead life took me in a

different direction.

My work now as an Art Teacher

at a school for students

requiring accommodations

is therapeutic not only for

my students, but also for me.


Checkout end of year recap with my students at Pace Brantley   2018-2019

Reviving Summer Clothes

Yes, Marie Kondo​ wants me to declutter and get rid of everything I don't use/wear, but I have other  ideas.  Check out Vannadu's site on hand painting a dress.  Can't wait to try it out on my denim dress that's in need of something!

Ambiance is a

form of Art

I don't know about you, but half the experience of dining at a good restaurant for me is the ambiance/ atmosphere .  The other half is delicious food and excellent service.  Give me either visual beauty or oddity (Hole in the walls count) - something that makes the visit worthwhile to your restaurant.  Otherwise I could be eating takeout!  One of my choice picks for the summer (fall, winter, spring)... The Garlic in New Smyrna Beach, FL!

Get Out and

See Some Art!

The Mennello Museum had an opening reception for Dominican artist Firelei Báez on 6/8/19.  Blown away by the unique and uninhibited talent of this artist. 

Go see - on view 6/7 - 9/1

Acrylic Pouring

I love this spontaneous abstract art form.  Great for all ages - my Middle School kids loved it, but I would definitely do it with adults as well.  Check the link below, which gives all the tips you need to begin creating pours.

Walking in Van Gogh's Footsteps - Winter 2016


I have a lasting memory of retracing the steps of Vincent Van Gogh in St. Remy de Provence, France during the winter of December 2016.  The brass plate markers with his signature lead you to Saint-Paul de Mausole, the asylum where Van Gogh retreated and painted The Starry Night


St. Remy is a charming town in the south of France where the weather stays temperate and the lavender grows wild.  Would love to retire there and live amongst the locals that hang at the cafes all day.  Hey they have National Healthcare - might be worth becoming an ex-pat.


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