Paint Strong Orlando

Paint Strong Orlando is a collection of original works created in response to the tragedy at Pulse nightclub. Sam Flax donated materials to volunteers who wanted to create works of art dedicated to the victims. The collection comprises almost 300 works of art.  

I was honored to contribute toward the collection with a watercolor titled "Ascendance"

Tableau Vivant

As part of Downtown Orlando's annual Creative City Project, our creative team staged paintings of Francisco Goya's The Spell in 2014 and Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss" in 2015.  


Thousand's of visitors witnessed the coming together of backdrop, lighting, costume, props and makeup, as six individuals were transformed in downtown Orlando.


Creative Team:

Backdrop: Deborah Knispel, Lydia Knowles, Erika Dykes

Props: Deborah Knispel, Lydia Knowles, Erika Dykes, Monica Donaldson


The Kiss:  Steve Williams and Lydia Knowles.

The Spell: Yadira Cruz, Lauren Rahill, Erika Dykes, Lydia Knowles, Naomi Knowles, Andrew Knowles

Photographic Collection:            "Playing with Light"

Check back for new images as this collection grows

Photographic Collection:                 "Into the Woods"

A Tree Comes to Life

A key element in my exhibits is the immersive experience.  To recreate a forest ambiance for the "Into the Woods" exhibit, a live oak tree was constructed and molded from paper mache clay.  The finished tree was 3 feet in diameter and stood 10 feet tall. Branches were made from pvc pipe and molded with paper mache.  The structure was made in several pieces and assembled within the gallery space. 

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