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We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are." ~Anaïs Nin.  


Looking at things from a different perspective - reimagining what others might see is the overarching theme of my art.  Raised in New York City during the 70's and 80's - a time of free expression and the punk rock movement, I encountered an infinite number of unique souls that pushed the boundaries of society. It made me appreciate individualism, diversity and that we all have our own viewpoint.


My degree is both in Art History and Sociology, which educated me on the voice of humanity and the lasting impressions it has on future generations. Everyone's truth is personal and has a place within the context of the greater picture.
Art photography, encaustic works and mixed media are my preferred mediums, however, I dabble and enjoy experiencing all mediums.

Day Job                                       

Art Teacher - Pace Brantley School - Private school for students with exceptionalities


Pace’s art program is designed to help students develop a lifelong appreciation of the arts and to see things more creatively.  At all grade levels, students employ decision-making skills so that each student’s work is unique and personal to them.  They learn appropriate art vocabulary while developing a solid foundation in art in terms of color, layout, perspective and balance.


Finished projects include both two-and three-dimensional works, and students use a variety of art mediums including: clay, paper mache, printmaking, charcoal/pastel drawing, collage and different methods of painting. Correlations are often made between the current project and works of famed artists to develop an appreciation of art history.


Positive classroom critiques are also a regular part of the art program to encourage analysis and self-evaluation. At the end of each project, student artwork is displayed, giving students pride and ownership in their work. The ultimate goal is to ensure student success, not only in art, but in life.  By teaching students how to think creatively and understand the viewpoints of other creative thinkers, it helps them see the world with a new lens.



Visual Arts Integration Specialist - UCP of Central Florida

During my time with UCP, I visited 7 different campuses across Orange, Osceola and Seminole County teaching arts integration lessons to students with exceptionalities.  The  goal was to reach students that might not grasp learning material through conventional methods by using the arts as a tool.  


A primary example is teaching properties of matter during Science class by using clay to demonstrate solid matter. Making slip demonstrates liquid matter and using a kiln to fire the clay demonstrates gas matter.   The entire clay workshop is a visual and tangible demonstration of what students need to learn regarding properties of matter for their Science standards.


Project based learning through art increases understanding, retention, and gives students an appreciation of the arts.

Exhibitions & Awards

2003    “A Day in the Life - Brooklyn” Group Photographic Exhibit, Brooklyn, NY

2007    “Caged” - National Arts Program Juried Exhibit, Orlando, FL - 1st place/Best of Show

2007    “Caged”– Group Exhibit, Orlando Civic Center, Orlando, FL

2007    Caged”– Group Exhibit, Orlando Airport, Orlando, FL

2007    “Endless Cycle” – Group Exhibit, City Arts Factory, Orlando, FL

2008    “Shot Thru the Heart” 10 foot fiberglass guitar - Gibson Guitartown public works display and charityauction, Orlando, FL –Sold $1600

2008    “And Judgement For All” - NAP Juried Exhibit, Orlando, FL  – 3rd place

2009    “Cocky”,“Flamboyant” - NAP Juried Exhibit, Orlando, FL – 1st place

2010    “The Carpenter”“Fashion Figure” -NAP Juried Exhibit, Orlando,  FL – Best of show

2010    Publication: Florida Oasis: a photographic tour of Harry P. Leu Gardens,” Cool Springs Press, 2010 - 8 Photos, including centerfold and cover flap

2011    “Lilies” – Maitland Art and History Center “Orange & White” Group Exhibit, Orlando,  FL – 1st place

2011    “Fragile” and “Smoked” - NAP Group Exhibit, Orlando, FL

2012    “L’Objet de Mon Desir”– Fall in Furniture Love – Scan Design Art Benefit, Orlando, FL

2013    "Into the Woods" - Solo Exhibit at CityArts Factory, Orlando, FL - funded in part by a grant through United Arts of Central Florida.

2014    "The Creative City Project" - tableau vivant of Francisco Goya's, The Spell

2015    "The Creative City Project" - tableau vivant of Gustav Klimt's, The Kiss

2016    "Ascendance" - Watercolor painting for Paint Strong Orlando Exhibit

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